Facility Study

On behalf of the board and the Superintendent, I would like to update the public on where we are in terms of the school utilization study.

As a reminder, the purpose of this study was to address: declining enrollment, the condition of our facilities and to ensure that our facilities support the instructional vision of our district.

At the last board retreat on October 4th, the board decided, in conjunction with the Superintendent and with input from the BOS, BOF and the public, that we will be seeking an in depth study of a two elementary school district. This decision was based on three criteria's: parity amongst the elementary schools, project cost and school location. Within this model we will be also looking at Polson renovations and reviewing the optimal location for our pre-k program.

The next phase that we will be entering into will include, but not limited to: a geotechnical study, an environmental review, a wetland review, civil/drainage/utilities analysis, a traffic review, hazardous materials testing review and an updated enrollment study. We will also be looking at a site plan test fit and we will get a better understanding of the required scope of the interior work needed to complete the project.

We looking forward to beginning the next phase of this process in November.

Jean Fitzgerald
Board of Education Chair

April 2017 Update

The Board of Education meeting on April 4, 2017 included a presentation regarding the remaining options prior to the Board of Education committing to a 10 Year Master Plan.

Elementary school options were the focus of the evening's presentation. Considerations for each option include:

  • Cost
  • Programmatic Needs
  • Schedule
  • Re-Districting
  • Financing & Bonding

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