Medication at School

Administration of Medication at School

The State of Connecticut has definitive regulations (Sec.10-212a-5) regarding administration of medication in schools. If it is necessary for your child to take medication during school hours, these are the steps for you to follow to facilitate the procedure and to meet the State regulations:

The prescribing physician or dentist, licensed to practice in this or any other state, or advance practice registered nurse (APRN) or physician assistant (PA), must submit a written order for each medication. Forms for these orders are available from the school's health office.

The parent or guardian must also sign the written authorization for medication.

Medication Authorization

The parent or guardian or other responsible adult must deliver the medication directly to the nurse or principal. Controlled substances must be counted with the nurse or in her absence, the principal, at the time of delivery.

Medications must be brought into school in an original over-the-counter container or an original pharmacy container labeled with name of student, name of prescribing physician, date of original prescription, name and strength of medication and directions for administering. No more than a 3 month supply of medication will be kept in school.