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Chromebooks Grades K-3
Chromebooks Grades 4-8
Chromebooks Grades 9-12

Daily Use

  • Students are expected to bring the fully-charged Chromebook to school every day.
  • Teachers have the discretion to determine when students may use technology in the classroom. Students will comply with the teachers’ requests to shut down or put away any technology.

Student Responsibilities

  • Be responsible for the general care of the Chromebook.
  • Leave both the ID label and barcode untouched and visible on the Chromebook.
  • Report Chromebook malfunctions to LMC staff as soon as possible.
  • Use the Chromebooks in a safe, ethical, and responsible manner, both in and outside of school.

Repair and Replacement

If a Chromebook needs repair, it is the student’s responsibility to bring it to the Library Media Center (LMC) as soon as possible. The Chromebook must be handed to an LMC staff member along with a brief explanation of the problem. It cannot be dropped off on the counter. Should repairs be necessary, a loaner Chromebook will be checked out from the library media center to the student.

Repair Prices

  • Display/Screen: $45
  • Keyboard: $60
  • Lost Charger: $25
  • Lost Chromebook/Damage beyond repair: $300


  • Students are responsible for the physical security of the Chromebook.
  • Never leave the device in an unlocked locker or any unsupervised area.
  • Never expose the Chromebook to extreme temperatures.
  • Never loan the Chromebook to another student.
  • If a Chromebook is stolen or lost during school hours it should be immediately reported to the LMC.
  • If a Chromebook is found unattended it will be taken to the LMC.
  • Adhere to the Madison Public Schools Network Acceptable Use Agreement/Chromebook Pledge.