Instructional Technology Plan

First page of the PDF file: MadisonPublicSchoolsTechnologyPlan20172020
Adopted by the BOE 6-20-17

Network Use Agreements

Madison Public Schools
Vision for 21st Century Education

The Madison Public Schools: “Every child, every day, leading the way”
The Madison Public Schools are driven by a mission to prepare all learners to make a unique, positive contribution in a complex, global society. We are committed to fostering the diverse talents and abilities of each and every child in an emotionally and physically safe environment. We envision learning as joyful and learners as passionate. We support our educators as innovators in a dynamic pursuit of continuous improvement.
We are committed to the work that will lead to the development of all learners’ capacities to:

⚫ put ideas into action by thinking critically and creatively to identify and solve authentic, complex problems;
⚫ communicate and collaborate purposefully and effectively using a variety of media;
⚫ approach learning with effort and persistence while responding to success and failure with resiliency, reflection, and adaptability in an ever-changing world;
⚫ make ethical and responsible decisions.

Adopted by the Madison Board of Education September 3, 2013