The Madison Public Schools, in conjunction with the district's service provider Durham School Services, is responsible for providing safe and efficient transportation of all eligible students to and from schools and school activities each day. To accomplish this task on a daily basis, a team of dedicated routing, safety, and administrative staff, combined with a host of drivers and support staff, work together to maintain quality services for all students, our transportation customers.

Questions or concerns regarding school bus transportation should be directed to the office of Durham School Services.

Please contact Dawn Vece at Durham School Services with general inquiries.

Email: Telephone: 203-318-0777 

Parent Responsibilities

  1. Parents are responsible for selecting their children's walking routes to and from bus stops, the school (as applicable for age groups), and residence.
  2. Parents are responsible for providing supervision that is appropriate to the student's age, the student's maturity, and traffic conditions at the bus stop.
  3. Kindergarten students must have a parent wait with them and wait for them at bus stops. Kindergarten students will not be dismissed to an unattended bus stop.
  4. Parents are considered "partners" in the school district's efforts to monitor safe driving of school buses; therefore, parents should report all incidents of observed school bus speeding, reckless driving, and inappropriate behavior of bus drivers and / or support staff.
  5. Parents are responsible for making certain that their children arrive at the bus stop "on time" and within the approved timeframe for school bus pick ups for the morning bus routes.
  6. Parents are responsible for notifying the school district and/or the transportation services provider in writing of the need to remove a student from a bus stop pick up or drop off.
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  • Detailed bus route information is removed after October 1st.
  • Students should arrive at their bus stops ten minutes prior to the scheduled bus arrival time for the first two weeks of school.
  • School buses do not leave the schools immediately upon dismissal. Time is needed for the students to board the bus.
  • This schedule does not include Alternate Transportation information when transportation is other than every day to and or from the day care address.
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Request for Transportation To/From a Non-Home Address

Students are automatically scheduled for transportation to and from their home addresses. There is no need to fill out the form below for home/school bus transportation.

If your child needs transportation to or from an alternate daycare address, you must fill out and submit the Alternate Transportation Form. This form must be completed and submitted annually.

In order to accommodate your child's daycare transportation needs for the first day of school, the Madison Public Schools Central Office (10 Campus Drive) must receive your day-care request on or before Monday, August 14, 2023. Any daycare requests received after that date will be processed as soon as possible but may not be in effect for the first day of school.

Your cooperation is appreciated!

Alternate Transportation Form


The Madison Public Schools has designed and implemented the bus routes based on the Board of Education transportation policy and guidelines. Each route has been assessed and tested in our effort to make our transportation system as safe and efficient as possible. Bus routes will be updated periodically on an as needed basis, please continue to check our web site for these updates.

Questions or Concerns regarding school bus transportation must be emailed to Dawn Vece, of Durham School Services.



Transportation via school buses is a privilege, and students of all ages are requested and expected to observe appropriate safety and conduct rules to remain eligible for transportation services. Therefore, students are expected to know and follow bus behavior rules per the following:

Before boarding the bus, students should . . .

Arrive at their designated stop at least five minutes prior to their scheduled pick up. The transportation company will not send another bus to pick up a student if he or she misses the bus because of tardiness to the stop. Students should be careful in the loading area and wait in an orderly manner.Avoid "horseplay" and stay out of the street while waiting for the bus to arrive.

Approach the bus entrance in a single line, only after the bus has come to a complete stop. Pushing and shoving other students while boarding or exiting the bus creates a safety issue for all students and will not be allowed.

All provisions of the MPS Code of Conduct apply to students when being transported by the transportation services company. Violations of the MPS Code of Conduct while on a school bus will be referred to the appropriate school administrator for disciplinary action.Conduct violations may result in a temporary or possibly permanent loss of a student's transportation privileges.

After boarding the bus, students should . . .

Obey the bus driver's directions.Go to the closest available seat or to the assigned seat and stay seated until the bus arrives at the destination. The bus driver may assign a student a seat, if in his / her judgment that would be in the best interest of student safety.Speak in a "classroom" voice. Loud speech or laughter causes distractions for the bus driver. Rough-housing or horseplay on the school bus will not be allowed and may result disciplinary action that may include loss of transportation privileges.Keep the bus litter free. No food or drinks may be consumed on the bus. Some exceptions may be approved by the school administrator per the terms of the Board of Education policy. Remember that school buses are property of Durham School Services. If a student causes any damage to or vandalizes a bus, he / she and the parent / guardian will be financially responsible, and discipline action that may include loss of transportation privileges may occur. Never throw an object inside or out of the school bus. Keep feet, hands, and head inside the bus at all times.Observe the rules of good conduct and show courtesy to everyone. The use of foul language, rude gestures, or malicious behavior toward the bus driver, fellow passengers, or another motorist will not be tolerated and may result in disciplinary action which may include loss of transportation privileges.

Remember items which are not prohibited on school grounds and in schools may not be taken on a MPS school bus, including, but not limited to, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, or weapons.

After leaving the school bus, students should . . .

If you live on the right side (bus exit side) of the street, exit the bus and walk in the area where you can be seen by the bus driver.If you live on the left side of the street (across the street from the bus), leave the bus and walk about 15 feet in front of the bus. Watch for the driver's signal that is "clear" beyond the left front fender of the bus. Stop and look in both directions to see if it is safe to proceed across the street. Never cross the street behind the school bus.

For safety purposes, students may ride only their assigned bus, and students will be discharged at their assigned stop only.