Calendar Event Reminders

You can receive email or text message reminder for calendar events. If you are subscribed to receive alert reminders, and we change one of our events, you will be notified of that as well.

All Events on a Calendar

Choose to receive reminders for all events on a particular calendar.  We have calendars for each school, Board of Education meetings, Athletics, Holidays and Vacations.

  1. Click the yellow bell above the calendar. 
  2. Sign in (you will be given the opportunity to create an account if you do not have one). This will send you alerts on all events in the calendar you choose.​​​​​​

Just One Calendar Event

To subscribe to just one calendar event, follow the above instructions but start with the yellow bell next to the event for which you want to be reminded.

click on the yellow bell to recieve reminders
calendar alert options

Automatically Display the MPS Calendar(s) on your Calendar

If you use an electronic calendar (such as a Google Calendar or a calendar on your smartphone), you can have all of our events automatically appear on your calendar.  If we change our event, the change will be reflected in your calendar as well.


  1. Click on the gray fan icon on our calendar page.  
  2. A new window opens with a list of all of our different calendars.  Please note that Holidays and Vacations are on their own calendar. This calendar is filtered onto all of our school calendars.
  3. Hover or click on the green iCAL button that corresponds to the calendar of your choice.
  4. Click on the URL option for your calendar.  
    1. If you are on a smartphone it will auto-add the link to your calendar and you are finished.
    2. If you are on a computer you will be given the URL to copy and paste into your calendar.

iCAL Sync via URL

Video instructions for Calendar Sync.  Video has no sound.

click on add a friend's calendar

This is an example of Google Calendar.  Other brands might be somewhat different.

Click the plus sign to "Add a Friend's Calendar".

Click on Add a Friend's Calendar from URL

Smartphone Instructions

Follow these instructions to sync our calendars with your own electronic calendar to stay up-to-date!

(video has no sound)