eNotify is email communication from the offices of the Superintendent and Principal of each school.

  • You must subscribe to receive eNotify messages.
  • If you have at least one student in Grades 5 -12 you can use your Parent Portal account to subscribe.
  • If you only have students in grades below 5, create your own account with your email address. Subscribe to the eNotify lists you choose.

To subscribe:

1. Click the Login button found on any of our webpages

location of login button

2. Either login with your existing account, or create a new account.

create new account link located under login button

3. Click on your profile in the lower left corner of your screen

location of profile link

4. Select the Subscriptions tab

subscription tab located all the way to the right

5. Click the cogwheel next to "Email Mailing Lists"

click the cogwheel next to settings

6. Check the box next to any list you want to subscribe to. Click "update settings" when finished.

available subscription lists and location of checkbox