CABE 2023 Student Leadership Awards

The CABE Student Leadership Awards Program is designed to honor Connecticut high school and middle school students who exhibit exemplary leadership skills.  Two students from each school, in a CABE member district, are eligible to receive the CABE Student Leadership Award. Madison's award recipients were recognized at the Board of Education meeting on May 9. Students were invited to attend the meeting along with their families to receive the award, have a photo taken, and listen to remarks about their accomplishments from their building principal. 

Daniel Hand High School  


Alice Walker

Alice Walker is a motivated, reliable, and respected young adult who takes pride in her academic performance as well as her impact and involvement outside of the classroom. As she should be, Alice is confident in her abilities and her decisions.

Consistently Alice has taken the most challenging courses offered at Daniel Hand. She enjoys topics that make her think and that enable her to transition her philosophies, ideas, and thoughts into the real world. Alice’s success in the academic arena is no surprise. She is a hard worker, takes pride in her work, and is confident enough to self-advocate and seek support when necessary. Although dedicated to her own success, Alice has never hesitated to offer a peer assistance. Alice’s accomplishments have not gone unnoticed, she has been inducted into the National Honor Society, won the Yale Book Award, earned high honors for every trimester since entering high school, received academic awards in every subject through high school, and qualified for National Merit.

Alice’s success and positive impact extend beyond the classroom. More specifically, she is involved in a plethora of activities, many of which have positively impacted her life. As a competitive Irish Dancer, she has learned how to lose, to win, and to work hard. Most importantly, this experience has taught her how to remain calm and confident through adversity. Within the school walls, she has been a member of the girls’ soccer team, co-founder of Dog and Animal Wellness, a member of the science Olympiad, an elected member of Student Leadership, and a member of the Ski and Animal Abuse Prevention club. Along with these clubs, she has volunteered her time as a dance teacher and through her church as part of a community integration/mentoring program. Also, Alice has tutored students and is a well-respected babysitter for some families in town. Alice takes pride in giving back and staying deeply involved within the community.

Alice’s success over the past four years has been impressive and will certainly continue due to her enthusiasm to learn, motivation, thoughtfulness, and incredibly kind and thoughtful personality. She has earned all her success and recognition. She is truly a special young adult and a great person who is very well-deserving of this recognition.

Dr. Cooke, T.J. Salutari, Alice Walker, and Seth Klaskin

Kiran Pathy

Kiran is a well-respected student leader who is wonderfully bright and highly motivated. His determination to put forth his best effort as well as his full engagement to what he has committed to are some of the reasons for his high degree of success.

Kiran’s transcript speaks for itself. He has challenged himself with our most demanding courses and has experienced an incredible level of success. He is known to show enthusiasm for learning while his originality and insight improves any classroom environment. Kiran is a conscientious and diligent student who has received numerous academic awards and recognition for his efforts. He has been inducted into the National Honor Society and is ranked near the top of his class in our highly competitive high school. Kiran is a fine example of an extraordinary young adult who has earned the respect of his peers and our faculty and staff. Many have noticed the fact that Kiran welcomes opportunities to guide and support others.

Kiran’s great success extends far beyond the academic arena. His musical abilities earned him membership to the DHHS Jazz Band, Symphonic Band, Marching Band, and Concert Band. His leadership has resulted in him being selected to serve as the lead trumpet, section leader, and marching band drum major. Outside of his participation in band, he has been a member of our baseball and basketball teams. Kiran strives to give back to the community and has participated in a myriad of community service. For example, he has coached baseball and also served food to those in need. Kiran has a passion for writing. He writes regularly for the DHHS Hand Print. He is also the founder of a sports blog and created his very own sneaker design business called, Klean Kicks. In his free time, Kiran has merged his creative desires, love for sports, and entrepreneurial spirit to independently develop a formal business plan that included the creation of a website and the development of product offerings.

Kiran’s body of work over the past four years has been incredible. His determination, leadership, and commitment to trying and doing his best are wonderful attributes but only compliment the fact that he is a genuine and nice person. He is truly a special young adult who is very well-deserving of this recognition.

Dr. Cooke, T.J. Salutari, Kiran pathy, Seth klaskin

Polson Middle School  


Katherine Rizzo

It’s not easy to balance life as a middle schooler these days, but Kate Rizzo does it all with competence and a positive attitude.  Whether she is working as a student, a volunteer, or an athlete, Kate demonstrates commitment and character in everything she does.

Kate is an exceptional student.  Throughout middle school, she has maintained A’s in all of her classes, demonstrating mastery in the content and skills of all curricular areas.  Teachers often comment on her positive work ethic, diligence, and leadership skills.  In fact, Kate is a leader inside and outside of the classroom.

She is a member of the school’s Peer Helper program and Co-President of our Excel club.  Under her leadership, the students in Excel have done a fundraiser at Bauer Park, made blankets for elderly people in an assisted living facility, and sold lollipops to benefit children at Middlesex Hospital.  They’re even planning an upcoming Easter Egg hunt for kids in Madison.

Outside of school Kate participates in soccer and lacrosse and is training to be a Lacrosse Referee to younger children.  It’s all part of her commitment to others no matter what she is involved in, and we couldn’t be more proud to have her at Polson.

Dr. Cooke, Kathryn Hart, Kate Rizzo, Seth Klaskin

Owen Scheps

“Positive,” “Conscientious,” and “Respectful.” These are a few of the words mentioned by members of the Polson Community when asked to describe Owen Scheps, a young man well respected, not only by other students, but by faculty and staff. As a student and an athlete, Owen has emerged as a quiet leader in our school.

Owen is a hardworking student who sets the standard for conscientious work. Teachers appreciate his positive attitude toward learning the skill and content of the curriculum, but Owen’s contributions to class go beyond that to include positive peer relations. He is kind to others and considers their feelings and perspectives more than most people. Maybe that is why he also has been a member of the Peer Helper program for two years. These traits, coupled with his honesty and integrity, make him well liked by everyone. 

Outside of school, Owen is involved in athletics, including basketball, lacrosse, and football. Community service is a priority for him, too, as evidenced in his involvement in the Closer to Free ride for cancer and Race for Every Child run.  

Middle school can be a tumultuous time, but Owen’s integrity, concern for others, and commitment set him apart as a role model for all.  We are lucky to have him as a member of our Polson community.

Dr. Cooke, Kathryn Hart, Owen Scheps, Seth Klaskin