Madison Schools Kindness Project

The Madison Schools Kindness Project began in December 2021 with the idea that our whole world benefits when we each take the time to practice small acts of kindness on one another. The PTOs for Jeffrey Elementary, Ryerson Elementary, and Brown Intermediate Schools got together to create a Kindness BINGO card customized to each school. The cards were distributed to all students at each of the three schools in early December, with the challenge to complete enough acts of kindness to achieve a BINGO before the end of Winter Break. Students were invited to bring their completed BINGO cards to the Scranton Memorial Library, where they received quilt squares to decorate. Once the challenge was over, the decorated quilt squares were passed to Quilts of Joy, which is the quilting club at the Madison Senior Center. The club members generously compiled the students’ work into two oversized quilts, which will be on display at the various schools and town buildings. The net effect of this far-reaching project was to strengthen the bonds between individuals and generations within our community.

Kindness quilts
kindness quilt 2