MPS Annual Retiree Recognition 2021

MPS recently held its Annual Retiree Reception at Daniel Hand High School. Superintendent of Schools Dr. Craig Cooke, members of the Board of Education, and building principals took a moment to recognized each staff member during the event. A total of 17 individuals are retiring this year, taking with them a collective 351 years of experience with MPS. 

Thank you for all you have done for MPS and we wish you well in your retirement! 


Paul Birdsall 

Mary Callaghan 

Cindy Catapano 

Mary Curran 

Susan Fabricant 

Carolyn Gladstone 

Edward Goldsmith 

Fran Guidone 

Lynn Hadad 

Catherine Kramar 

Gail McGrimley 

Jo-Ann Marron 

Sally Marroney 

Jim Seales 

Judy Shaw 

Linda Tuzzio 

Lauren Woods    

BOE Chair Galen Cawley
Lynn Hadad and Dr. Battaglia
Laura Woods and Becky Frost
Cindy Cataano and Kelly Spooner
Mary Callaghan and Frank Henderson
TJ Salutari presents retirement award to Paul Birdsall
Gail McGrimley and T.J. Salutari
Judy Shaw and Becky Frost
May Curran and TJ Salutari