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CAS Elementary Level Exemplary Educator Award

Each year the Connecticut Association of Schools hopes to award an Elementary Level Exemplary Educator Award. The criteria for this award are:

  1. Demonstrating excellence in education including meeting the needs of students with a variety of instruction techniques used in the classroom
  2. Demonstrating involvement with students, staff, and parents in and out of the classroom,
  3. Demonstrating leadership within the profession - contributions to team, the school, and the community.

This year CAS is proud to present the Elementary Level Exemplary Educator award to Mrs. Adrienne Bransfield. In her nomination letter Principal Rebecca Frost describes Mrs. Bransfield as "the epitome of a teacher demonstrating true excellence in education each and every school day". Mrs. Frost goes on to describe Mrs. Bransfield's classroom as a place where the students wish to be. The students in her care have choice built into the work that they do - including the way in which the room is organized and how displays of work are made.

Mrs. Bransfield is described as "masterful" in knowing how to flexibly adjust her teaching to accurately meet the needs of the students with whom she works. This flexibility may include additional conferencing, meeting with colleagues to brainstorm ways in which to support her students, or seeking ideas from support faculty. Mrs. Bransfield is considered to be an expert in differentiation. This expertise coupled with her true belief in the growth mindset enables her students to grow in all areas while under her care.

In addition to all of the work that is done within her classroom, Mrs. Bransfield demonstrates outstanding leadership within the profession. Whether it be working with her grade level team or serving on school and district committees Mrs. Bransfield consistently seeks to increase her understanding of teaching and learning, to increase her repertoire of teaching strategies and beliefs, and to give back to her profession.


Adrienne Bransfield receives the Elementary Level Exemplary Educator Award

Pictured above: Superintendent of Schools Thomas Scarice, Island Avenue Elementary School Principal Becky Frost, Adrienne Bransfield, CAS Assistant Executive Director Jill Hale, and Board of Education Chair Katie Stein.

Adrienne Bransfield receives the Elementary Level Exemplary Educator Award