Councils & Organizations

Administrative Council

The general purposes of the Administrative Council are to advise and consult with the Superintendent, to provide a forum for the identification and solution of district problems, and to exchange and share information to foster improved decision making.

District Curriculum / Professional Development Council

The District Curriculum/Professional Development Council's purpose is to assist the Assistant Superintendent in the ongoing review, development, and implementation of the district's comprehensive curriculum and professional development program.

The council serves as a sounding board for problem solving and decision making in regard to curricular issues.

Parents' Representative Council (PRC)


The general purposes of the Parents' Representative Council are to advise the Superintendent regarding parental concerns about the schools, to provide a forum for parent liaisons from each school to have a voice in decision making and finding solutions for district problems, and to foster a spirit of community and parental involvement in the promotion of the Madison Public Schools.


The Special Education Parent Teacher Organization mission is to create an environment in which the Special Education community will thrive.