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Guiding Document

PK-12 Stage One: Guiding Document

Content: Career and Technology Education

PK-12 Long-term Transfer Goal(s):

Long-term aims of the PK-12 program. An overall end result of a student’s education in Madison.

Students will be able to independently use their learning to:

  • Communicate effectively based on purpose, task, and audience using appropriate vocabulary.
  • Demonstrate professionalism through exhibiting attentiveness, growing from feedback, and adhering to industry standards (safety).
  • Leverage connection(s) in other subject areas (including STEM) to make sense of a given problem, product, or solution.
  • Explore and hone techniques, skills, methods, and processes to create and innovate
  • Develop a product/solution that adheres to key parameters (e.g., cost, timeline, restrictions, available resources and audience).
  • Demonstrate fiscal responsibility through examination of needs and wants, development of short and long term plans, and/or conservation of limited resources.
  • Work together on a common goal to meet deadlines through addressing challenges and problems along the way both individually and collectively.

Madison Public Schools
Career and Technology Education Curriculum Guiding Document

Intro to Business Curriculum


Unit 1Economic Resources and Systems

This unit focuses on the role of business in the economy, and how economic trends affect business. They will demonstrate business acumen through examination of needs and wants, development of short and long term plans, and/or conservation of limited resources. A PBA will have students synthesize information about a business from the TV show "Shark Tank" and develop solutions to potential business growth problems.

21st Century Capacities: Synthesizing, Imagining

Unit 2Business Structure

Students will focus on the structure of business including: types of business ownership, and the roles of management. Students will study the functions of a manager, and learn how managers can motivate their employees to perform. The Shark Tank PBA Part 2 will have students act as a consultant for a business and give the business advice on their business structure, employee motivation, and ethical behaviors.

21st Century Capacities: Synthesizing

Unit 3Business Activities

This unit will focus on several business activities such as accounting, marketing, and hiring/personnel that are essential to succeeding and managing a business. Students will use their knowledge of accounting to make financial forecasts and projections. These activities will also coincide with learning how to create a business plan which will be a major focus of the following course; Entrepreneurship. A PBA will have students develop the idea of a Food truck business, and will produce a mini business plan.

21st Century Capacities: Analyzing, Product Creation

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