Quality Check

Curriculum Review Council

Role of CRC

The Curriculum Review Council (CRC) provides clear guidance and feedback for curriculum writers. The primary function of the CRC is to uphold criteria for district design and assessment standards. All documents are reviewed by the Council prior to presentation to the Madison Board of Education.

Objective: To review documents against district design criteria and offer guidance/feedback to unit writers.

  • Be respectful of the work presented.
  • Feedback can be both complementary and/or offer guidance when meeting the criteria is in question.
  • Content differentiation is explained to the CRC by the Department Lead. Design element variations are purposeful to serve the integrity of the discipline.
  • Value process as well as product: units need to be teacher owned if they are to be taught.
  • Units and PBAs are reviewed; any questions regarding vertical alignment are presented to Department Leads for follow-up.


Gail Dahling-Hench–Assistant Superintendent

Becky Frost – Principal

Rebecca Coiteux – Assistant Principal

Curricular Leads

Dan Grenier - CTE

Sara Sandora - Science

Program Coordinator

Kristin Mancini - World Language

Chris Pagliuco - Social Studies (K-8)

Carol Sullivan - Mathematics (Middle School)

Instructional Specialists/Coaches

Michelle Horn – Language Arts (K – 8)

Lisa Caldwell – Language Arts (K – 8)

Michael Kiefer – Technology (District)

Erin Chester - Language Arts (K - 4)


Denise Earles – English (High School)

Scott Morrison – English (High School)

Amy Zupan – English (High School)

Joshua Young – English (High School)

Jen Aguzzi – World Language (High School)

Leslie Lopez – World Languages (Elementary)

Leslie Sperling - World Languages (MS)

David Brine – World Languages (High School)

Jenny Coniff – Social Studies (Middle School)

Ben Pelletier – Social Studies (Middle School)

Laura Stott – Social Studies (High School)

Janet Dielman – Mathematics/Science (Middle School)

Mary Rao – Mathematics/Science (Middle School)

Carissa Connell – Art (Middle School)

Elisa Brako – Science (High School)

Jen Packevicz – Science (Middle School)

Rachel Leonard – Science (Middle School)

Paul Mezick - Science (Dept. Lead HS)

Dave Tommaso - CTE (Dept. Lead HS)

Jane Kraus – Grade 4