Profile of a Graduate

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Critical Thinking

Creative Thinking

Collaboration/ Communication


Global Thinking


Posing, pursuing, and refining significant questions to deepen understanding about a topic or issue.

Idea Generation

Studying a problem, need or model (mentor text, political piece, documents, art work, etc.) to consider limitations and imagine new solutions/transformations.

Collective Intelligence

Working respectfully and responsibly with others, exchanging and evaluating ideas to achieve a common objective.


Examining current performance critically to identify steps/strategies to persist.


Identify, analyze and contribute to critical issues in society in an ethical and responsible manner.


Examining information/data/evidence from multiple sources to identify possible underlying assumptions, patterns, and relationships in order to make inferences.


Engaging in a process to refine a product for an intended audience and purpose.

Product Creation

Effectively use a medium to communicate important information.

Decision Making

Make responsible decisions, based on potential outcomes.


Interpret or critique complementary and competing approaches, experiences, and worldviews in order to develop an empathetic perspective.

Revised March 2020