Collaboration / Communication

Communication/Collaboration  I can...

Collective Intelligence

Working respectfully and responsibly with others, exchanging and evaluating ideas to achieve a common objective. 

  • Respectfully exchange ideas with others.
  • Effectively communicate to ensure collaboration and balanced participation from each individual.
  • Consider and evaluate multiple points of view in order to achieve shared goals. 
  • Responsibly communicate my own ideas in a variety of settings.
  • Collectively revisit and revise ideas on an ongoing basis. 

Product Creation

Effectively use a medium to communicate important information. 

  • Use a particular medium, maximizing its features, to make powerful statements about important ideas.
  • Communicate important ideas for a given purpose. 
  • Articulate connections between sources, self, and world. 
  • Purposefully synthesize information, work models, mentor texts, and peer or teacher feedback to create original products for an audience.

March 2021 - Portrait of a Graduate Student Growth & Development Matrix:  “I Can” Statements