Creative Thinking

Capacity 1 Limited 2 Emerging 3 Present (MPS Standard) 4 Complex

Idea Generation

Studying a problem, need or model (mentor text, political piece, documents, art work, etc.) to consider limitations and imagine new solutions/transformations.

I showed little consideration of limitations and possible transformations of a problem, need, or exemplar. 

I developed my solution by considering a singular approach.

I consistently fell back on a familiar solution, application, or inquiry. 

I investigated an existing problem, need, or exemplar, but my possible solution was not realistic or viable and/or did not result in a meaningful solution or product. 

I developed my solution by considering only a few approaches. 

I conceived of an approach that is still heavily reliant on a familiar solution, application or inquiry.

I investigated an existing problem, need, or exemplar, in order to pose varied possible solutions/ transformations/novel products. 

I developed my solutions by synthesizing different possible approaches. 

I considered all ideas without limiting my own thought process. 

I considered the limitations of potential solutions. 

I fully met the MPS standard with at least one of the following:
  • Imagining a novel approach/product based on background knowledge and experiences
  • Pursuing divergent or seemingly contradictory ideas
  • Seeking out other resources to expand my thinking
  • Anticipating problems and posing possible solutions


Engaging in a process to refine a product for an intended audience and purpose.

I did not engage in a process that makes important or meaningful refinements to my product.

I disregarded feedback.

I engaged in a limited process to develop a product. 

I made few meaningful revisions to my product based on feedback.

My design led to an outcome misaligned to my audience/purpose

I did not make continual progress without teacher support.

I engaged in a process to plan, develop and refine a product and considered my intended audience/purpose. 

During this process, I examined the impact of my choices, anticipated problems, and adjusted my approach as needed. 

I made purposeful revisions by reflecting on feedback. 

I fully met the MPS standard with at least one of the following:
  • Continually examining the impact of each step toward the finished product for my intended audience/purpose 
  • Evaluating my own work in progress to make appropriate adjustments 
  • Demonstrating initiative to seek feedback and make changes