Creative Thinking

Creative Thinking I can...

Idea Generation 

Studying a problem, need or model (mentor text, political piece, documents, art work, etc.) to consider limitations and imagine new solutions/transformations. 

  • Investigate an existing problem, need or model in order to pose possible solutions. 
  • Imagine an anticipated problem and pose possible solutions. 
  • Synthesize different possible approaches to consider limitations and potential solutions.


Engaging in a process to refine a product for an intended audience and purpose. 

  • Develop a process outline and strategic plan that is the best match for the task at hand 
  • Examine the impact of each step toward the finished product. 
  • Anticipate roadblocks and solve problems that may arise during the process of development. 
  • Employ a variety of research methods.
  • Make purposeful revision based on feedback and reflection.

March 2021 - Portrait of a Graduate Student Growth & Development Matrix:  “I Can” Statements