Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking I can....


Posing, pursuing, and refining significant questions to deepen understanding about a topic or issue.

  • Clarify the problem I want to investigate.
  • Ask questions about a topic or issue.
  • Identify meaningful and relevant questions for investigation. 
  • Refine my questions and utilize advanced research techniques.
  • Collect, organize and synthesize information from a variety of sources to determine relevance. 


Examining information/data/evidence from multiple sources to identify possible underlying assumptions, patterns, and relationships in order to make inferences.

  • Examine, assess, interpret or evaluate relevant information.
  • Identify underlying assumptions about a topic, or within a set of data.
  • Identify patterns within a topic or a set of data, using multiple sources of information.
  • Identify relationships between different pieces of information/data/evidence, using multiple sources of information.
  • Make inferences based on the patterns and relationships of the information I have analyzed from multiple sources.

March 2021 - Portrait of a Graduate Student Growth & Development Matrix:  “I Can” Statements