Global Thinking

Capacity 1 Limited 2 Emerging 3 Present (MPS Standard) 4 Complex


Identify, analyze and contribute to critical issues in society in an ethical and responsible manner.

I showed an understanding of an issue only when it was pointed out to me. I did not develop ideas for how to solve it with information from all the stakeholders within my communities. With my teacher’s support, I identified an issue in society. I began to develop a solution for that issue, but demonstrated a superficial understanding of the concerns of various stakeholders within my communities. I identified an issue and then developed a response that incorporates understandings from a diversity of perspectives, backgrounds, and cultures. My response acknowledged the impact of decisions on present and future generations and sought shared gains within my [self/family/school/ town/state/nation/planetary] communities. I fully met the MPS standard with at least one of the following:
  • Independently identifying (an) underlying systemic/cultural cause(s) of an issue 
  • Synthesizing seemingly contrasting perspectives
  • Developing a plan to transform a community in my life


Interpret or critique complementary and competing approaches, experiences, and worldviews in order to develop an empathetic perspective.

I examined an issue from only one perspective and did not recognize possible biases. My position disregarded differing perspectives. 

I examined an issue from limited perspectives, possibly drawn from biased sources, resulting in a narrow position.



I explored an issue by drawing from a diversity of sources, and prior knowledge, to form my position. 

I examined the merits and limitations of others’ positions. 

In developing my own position, I demonstrated empathy towards the underlying values, beliefs, and interests of various stakeholders.

I fully met the MPS standard with at least one of the following:
  • Seeking out and independently gathering resources with attention toward underrepresented views
  • Challenging the premise of differing viewpoints or possibilities using dispassionate, objective reasoning and facts
  • Incorporating others’ perspectives in the pursuit of just outcomes