Conceptual Physics

Forces and Motion

Unit 1

Students will explore the relationship between forces on an object and the motion of that object. Students will examine how physics operates in everyday life as well as the objects they create in class. Students will engage in lessons that challenge them to use the scientific process as they perform several inquiry-based experiments to uncover and investigate fundamental principles of physics, such as acceleration and velocity.  Students will practice important science skills such as metric system measurements and conversions as well as creating and analyzing graphs.  

Profile of a Graduate Capacities: Analyzing, Design

Energy and Momentum Conservation

Unit 2

Students will explore how energy is converted from one form to another, and how energy can be transformed into useful work, as mechanical and electrical. Students will investigate how energy and momentum are related to one another, particularly in cars and car crashes. Ultimately, students will apply their understanding and skills to design novel approaches to safety devices that can be used to protect people.  Students will be required to apply mathematical and graphical analysis to their data as they interpret and communicate their results. 

Profile of a Graduate Capacities: Analyzing, Design