Infectious Disease

Unit 1 Outbreak!

Unit 1

This introductory unit will expose students to the triad by which all infectious diseases operate. This will serve as a foundation for students to research one disease through the lens of the triad by which epidemiologists analyze diseases.  Topics to be explored include: types of pathogens, factors that cause the spread of disease, mechanisms of infection, vaccines, treatments, evolution of pathogens and the development of resistance to treatment.

Special thanks to Dr. Linda Niccolai and Dr. Danyell Stewart for their assistance in the development of this course.  

Profile of a Graduate Capacities: Analyzing, Product Creation


Unit 2 The Agent

Unit 2

Students will explore the world of microbiology as they investigate microbes to better understand how pathogens are able to cause disease, become resistant, and spread through vectors. Students will be able to classify and differentiate various types of pathogens with an emphasis on treatment and prevention of different pathogenic illness. Students will utilize standard laboratory procedures, such as gram-staining and bacterial culturing, including interpretation of the zone of inhibition and microscopic analysis, as they analyze a case study of a person suffering from a mysterious illness. Students will grapple with global issues with regard to the factors that influence the susceptibility of different countries to the spread of disease as well as how globalization has increased exposure to pathogens. Additionally, students will engage in discourse about the various societal issues impacting disease transmissions such as the availability of medicines for treatment and prevention as well as the ongoing concerns about vaccines and overuse of antibiotics and the associated consequences. Ultimately, students will synthesize their understanding of infectious disease, treatment, and transmission as they analyze and diagnose a patient and propose a scientifically-supported prevention plan.  

Profile of a Graduate Capacities: Analyzing, Inquiry