Marine Science

This two trimester course, which is an interdisciplinary with CTE, providing 0.5 credits in Science and 0.5 credits in CTE, is a very hands-on course.   In this course, students will be out in and around Long Island Sound.  Students will receive their Safe Boaters Certificate and conduct some classes on the water.  Students will also be making tools for field trips and a fishing rod or net as part of their assessments.  

During both trimesters (Fall and Spring) students will work to solve a problem in our local ecosystem.  They will construct a device to solve this problem during the wood shop portion of the class. Students will also be maintaining the classroom fish tanks.  Our trout tank that is currently hosting 200 eggs that will hatch soon. Stay tuned for more pictures and updates here!  These trout will be released into a local river in the spring by our Marine Science students.  Students will also be testing local water for pollutants and providing this official information to the State of Connecticut through a partnership with the Madison Assistant Town Engineer, Robert Russo.  You can read more about Mr. Russo’s involvement in the Science Curriculum online.