Current Professional Development Opportunities

Professional Development across the system continues to train staff in both content and programs related to the wellness of all students.  The district commitment to both internal and external training takes two approaches: spanning across the system and by level.  Training provided this year have included (not limited to) the following providers and programs:

Providers/Topics/Programs Related to Wellness

Responsive Classroom Trainers: Social, emotional, and academic growth in a strong and safe school community. Developing a Safe School Climate.

JoAnne Freiberg:  State Department: Restorative Practices 

Safe Schools online training    Including but not limited to: student drug and alcohol abuse; child abuse; prevention of dating violence; school violence; conflict management; suicide awareness and prevention; Bullying; dating violence; sexual harassment

Madison Staff:  Physical Restraint 

Robin McHaelen , True Colors:      Erin’s Law and Title IX; education, support and advocacy

Effective School Solutions:     Stress; Tier III social emotional needs and supports

Professional Development

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