Asbestos Notification

Special Message to Parents, Students, Administrators, Staff and Community Members

The Madison Public Schools has been surveyed for asbestos every three years since 1986. As is the case for most public and commercial buildings in New England, asbestos-containing products were found in our buildings: except for Daniel Hand High School, which is new construction.

Wherever the potential exists for damaged materials to cause asbestos fibers to be released in to the air, we have encapsulated or enclosed the material. Most of these materials are in areas that are inaccessible to students, such as boiler rooms and pipe tunnels.

An Asbestos Management Program has been developed to guarantee that asbestos-containing materials are maintained in a condition in which they do not pose a health hazard. As part of this program, these materials are periodically inspected.

Anyone wishing to know more about the Asbestos Management Program or the asbestos-containing materials found in the Madison Public Schools may request to read the Asbestos Management Plan which is on file in the School Facilities Office.

Note: This letter meets the State and Federal regulations requiring an annual notification to building occupants.