In September of 2019, the Madison Public Schools will contract from six schools to five. Following a comprehensive three year facilities and enrollment study in October of 2017, the Board of Education voted to close Island Avenue School, thus reducing the size of the district footprint.

Subsequently, the Board of Education took action on a district reconfiguration plan which will change the grade level compositions of the K-8 schools. Beginning in September 2019, the schools will be composed of the following grade levels:

  • Jeffrey Elementary School K-3
  • Ryerson Elementary School K-3
  • Brown School 4th-5th
  • Polson Middle School 6th-8th
  • Daniel Hand High School 9th-12th

According to Connecticut General Statutes 10-220, each Board of Education in Connecticut is responsible for the day to day maintenance and operation of its buildings, lands, and other property used for school purposes. Additionally, this statute mandates that each Board of Education “shall make a continuing study of the need for school facilities and of a long-term school building program, and from time to time, make recommendations based on such study to the town.” Within this purview, the Board of Education has worked in collaboration with the Town of Madison to study the long-term needs of its facilities, while planning for future enrollment trends.

This web page is dedicated to providing the community with up to date information on the 2019 reconfiguration of the Madison Public Schools district, while also sharing critical information related to the ongoing maintenance and long-term planning for our facilities.

The buttons below will provide community members with historical information on our facilities (i.e. Where we’ve been), current efforts (i.e. Where we are), and future plans (Where we’re headed). Please click the links for more information and be sure to check back regularly for the inclusion of additional content.

Where We've Been
Over time recommendations have been made, maintenance and renovation work has been done.

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Where We Are
With the imminent closure of Island Avenue School following the 2018-2019 school year, the following chart was developed to plan for a smooth transition for students and staff from six schools to five.

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Where We Are Headed
In September 2019, the BOE voted unanimously to adopt a long-term plan for the renewal of our school facilities. The plan has now moved to the Capital Improvement Program for further consideration. 

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