Community Benefit


Why this is the best plan for....  



  • New and renovated buildings across the District will provide students with a continuum of 21st century learning spaces grades PreK-12.   
  • Students learn best in an environment where they feel comfortable. This plan will make the buildings more welcoming and make our buildings healthier and safer places to learn by providing air conditioning to the district’s learning spaces.
  • Operating two school buildings Prek-5, in place of the current four school buildings, will ensure better continuity of educational programming for students' entire elementary school years.
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students arrive for the first day of school at Ryerson


  • Greater value for your dollar - rather than spending your tax dollars trying to repair facilities that are nearly 70 years old, your money will go towards new and improved facilities that will support the public school system in Madison for decades to come.  The new building is eligible for state reimbursement grants of up to approximately 18.5% of its cost.  
  • Young families move to town for the education system. This plan makes sure our buildings attract as many new families to town as possible.  
  • This plan is the better long-term investment - running fewer and more efficient buildings means the district will experience lower year-over-year energy and maintenance costs in future. 
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The Madison Community

  • Auditorium renovations at Polson Middle School will give the community a new space for town meetings, cultural events, performances, etc. 
  • The pandemic dramatically changed our enrollment projections - after years of decline we are now seeing an influx of young families in town. This plan will ensure we have the space to accommodate all of our new and continuing learners in the years to come. 
  • The Madison community has always been very proud of the excellent education system we have here in town. This plan will ensure that the caliber of our buildings finally matches the caliber of teaching and learning taking place in our classrooms.  
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Surf Club beach
Mrs. Ciccone teaches a student

Teachers & Staff 

  • New and renovated buildings mean teachers will no longer be constrained by classrooms that were designed for a 1960’s-70’s education system. 
  • Teachers know students learn best when they are in a safe and healthy environment and the same is true for teaching. This plan will give our dedicated teachers better facilities so they can focus less on the temperature of their classroom and more on what they do best.   
  • This plan provides adequate space for all staff needs - having a principal's office double as a conference room or a storage closet double as a breakroom will be a thing of the past.   
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Brown Intermediate School

  • Brown has a substantial footprint - over 100,000 square feet - which means there is ample space to successfully transform the building to hold six grades. 
  • Since Brown was originally built to be a middle school, it has numerous features for students and staff to take advantage of such as an auditorium and a full-sized gym that your average elementary school does not have. 
  • Over the last 20 years the district has poured nearly $10 million dollars’ worth of improvements including HVAC upgrades, general renovations, and new lockers into Brown. By continuing to invest in the buildings, we are ensuring the town's prior investments do not go to waste. 
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Brown Intermediate School