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Daniel Hand High School 


Hand High School


Daniel Hand High School opened in 2003. The building is 205,000 square feet.  

This plan does not directly touch the Daniel Hand High School building but it does benefit the Hand community in many ways. The improvements to the Polson auditorium will provide for additional shared performing arts space on the Green Hill Campus. The auditorium improvements include new lighting, a new sound system, electrical services, HVAC equipment and ductwork, and other items like new seating.  

While Hand does not have any critical needs looming in the next few years like some of our older buildings, it is important to remember that the high school is nearly 20 years old. That means that there is a certain level of annual maintenance the district needs to be able to maintain for the building in the future. By taking some of our oldest buildings (Jeffrey and Ryerson) offline and thereby eliminating their burden on the annual maintenance budget, the District is ensuring we have the financial flexibility to properly maintain the high school building in future years. 


students throw graduation caps in air
DHHS students at the VEX robotics competiton 2019
students on a beach
student drummers talk with teacher