Where We Are Headed

Progress for our Community - 21M renovations, 57M new construction, 7M improvements
Value for your dollar - unanimously endorsed by the BOE and triboard facilities working group

Update: October 2019

In September 2019, the BOE voted unanimously to adopt a long-term plan for the renewal of our school facilities.  This plan is the culmination of work at the BOE level since the failed referendum two years ago and the vast efforts of the Tri Board School Facilities Working Group.  While the referendum failed, the issue of aging school facilities and mounting maintenance projects remain.

The BOE voted to adopt a plan to contract the district further from five schools to four. The earliest point in which this model would be implemented would be for the 2024-2025 school year. 

The BOE adopted plan calls for:

  • New construction of a PreK-5 elementary school on the Green Hill Campus
  • Improvements to Brown Intermediate School to transition to a K-5 school
  • Maintaining Polson as a 6-8 school and DHHS as 9-12
  • Renovations at Polson including:
    • Air Quality System/HVAC
    • Auditorium Modernization
    • Security Enhancements

The plan, which was approved unanimously by the BOE, would result in the closure of both existing K-3 elementary school buildings as well as the Town Campus Learning Center Preschool (TCLC). The plan has been sent to the school and town Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) where it will be incorporated with all other capital needs of Madison.      

It is very early in this process and more information will be forthcoming but the BOE wishes for the public to be aware of the basic facts of the plan at this point in time.  There will be more meetings, hearings, and votes by elected officials before this plan can be approved and sent to the town for a referendum vote by the community, which is targeted for May 2020.  

Please see the following slides and PDFs for information on the cost of the plan.


Update: April 2019

On Monday April 1, 2019, as promised, the Tri Board School Facilities Working Group presented viable options for the town to consider beyond the BOE adopted 10 Year Capital Maintenance Plan.  This was the primary objective of the committee.  The committee identified criteria by which to evaluate any additional options, and it was agreed that any new options must be fiscally reasonable, accommodate long-term enrollment trends, and consider the needs of the 21st Century learning environment, while acknowledging the town’s obligation for other town facility projects. 

Over the past few months, a series of public forums were held.  Substantial public feedback was solicited, and received, largely informing the options presented.   

Below is the slideshow presented on April 1 which describes the expanded criteria used by the committee, the proposals submitted by the public, the options evaluated, and the next steps. 

The Tri Board School Facilities Working Group will now solicit further community feedback before transitioning this work to the Board of Education.