Middle School

Walter C. Polson Middle School  


The Renewal Plan dedicates approximately $21 million for renovations at Polson Middle School including HVAC replacement and installation, auditorium updates and improvements, and security upgrades.    

Currently only 50 percent of Polson has AC and some of the heating and ventilation system in the building is original to the 1960’s construction. Sections have been replaced over the years but the last major replacement was in the 1990s. This plan would replace the buildings electrical system and put HVAC throughout the entire building. Estimated costs for these improvements total close to $17 million.

The auditorium updates and improvements make up roughly $2.95 million of the $21 million designated for Polson in the referendum question. Those auditorium dollars will go towards new lighting, a new sound system, electrical services, HVAC equipment and ductwork, and other items like new seating.   

The money dedicated to Polson in the referendum total does not address all the issues in the building but it does take care of projects that should be taken care of before items such as window replacement can be considered.   

The remaining Polson projects- things like locker room renovations and pavement restoration - are accounted for in the town’s Capital Improvement program over the next 10 years. 


Building History

Built in 1960, Polson was built to serve the town as a high school. Original construction was 47,800 sq. ft. and several building additions have been made since: 

  • 1965 – 24,977 sq. ft.
  • 1970 – 55,953 sq. ft.
  • 1988 – 20,284 sq. ft.

Total sq. ft.: 149,014


Improvements Year Cost
Roof I  2005 $1,080,412
Roof II 2006 $715,509
Roof III 2016 $704,000
Windows 2008 $90,992
Windows 2009
Boiler Replacements and Energy Enhancements 2014 $757,825
Football/Track Field  2014 $66,000
Underground Tank Removal  2017 $36,647
Total   $3,510,392
Polson Middle School
Polson auditorium
Polson Google Earth
Polson small gym
polson hallway
Polson Gymnasium Entrance