New School Name: Neck River Elementary School

On Feb. 27 the Madison Board of Education voted to name the new PreK-5 elementary school building Neck River Elementary School. Board members said this is a name that will serve the town well for decades to come.

The Ad-Hoc New Elementary School Naming Committee received hundreds of name suggestions from the public. The committee narrowed the suggestions down to 15, sought more input, and then further narrowed the suggestions down to three choices for the Boards consideration. The name Neck River Elementary School was ultimately selected because it is unique to Madison, celebrates the natural resource that flows along the back of the new school property, and has wide community appeal.

The Board appreciates the public’s input and interest in this naming process.    

About the project:

The New Prek-5 Elementary school will be built on Mungertown Road and construction is on track to begin in the spring of 2024. The new school is part of the larger Madison Schools Renewal Plan that approved by the voters in February 2022. The plan includes the construction of a new PreK-5 building, transforming Brown School into a PreK-5 school, and significant renovations at Polson including a new HVAC system. The plan will result in the closure of two of our oldest school buildings - Jeffrey and Ryerson elementary schools - as well as the Town Campus Learning Center Preschool (TCLC), contracting the district down to four buildings.

artistic rendering of the new elementary school