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Student Registration


Central Office receives all student enrollment forms and will forward to the appropriate resident school for the students' grade level.If you have any questions regarding this information or have circumstances that do not meet the above referenced criteria, please contact the Madison Public Schools Central Office, (203)245-6300, or email questions directly to: 


Residency requirements must be met for all new or transferred students entering the Madison Public Schools. The specific information needed for proof of residency is one of the following:

  • Copy of a Purchase and Sales Agreement showing purchaser’s names, address of property in Madison and closing date. If closing has occurred, please contact the Madison Public Schools Central Office, (203)245-6300, or email questions directly
  • Bills from three (3) different Utilities delivered to your address in Madison.
  • Copy of rental lease showing date rental begins and ends, name of parties renting property and name of owner.
  • Resident Affidavit – Used in the event incoming student resides with family member or friend temporarily while awaiting housing in Madison. Affidavit must be completed by Madison resident and notarized.
  • Parent / Guardian Affidavit – To be completed by a parent who does not reside in Madison, because child is living with another parent/guardian who does live in Madison. A copy of a court ordered guardianship document is required or a notarized affidavit must be completed by the non-custodial parent.
  • Pupil / Student Affidavit – To be completed by student over the age of eighteen (18) who resides in Madison and qualifies to attend high school. Parents may or may not reside in Madison, student must.

Once this documentation is received from the incoming family, a letter from central office will be sent acknowledging receipt and granting permission for the student(s) to register for school.

For further assistance, call Christine Buchetto at (203) 245-6307.

Non-Resident Students

The district is now accepting non-resident tuition paying students for the 2020-2021 school year. No matter where you live, our doors are now open to students Kindergarten – Grade 12 to experience the superb education offered here at Madison Public Schools. 


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Student Enrollment

After residency requirements are met, all student enrollment forms must be completed.

Student enrollment forms may be obtained at the Madison Public Schools Central Office, 10 Campus Drive, Madison, CT 06443 or below:

Birth certificates must be presented at the time of registration in Pre-K or Kindergarten.


Physical examinations are mandated by the State of Connecticut for all Pre-K, Kindergarten, 6th and 10th grade students. Kindergarten physicals performed 12 months prior to entry into Kindergarten, are acceptable, provided they are on the blue State Health Assessment Record form.

All out-of-state students are mandated by the State of Connecticut to have a physical assessment performed before entering Connecticut schools. If the assessment was done in the previous state within one year of entry into Connecticut schools, it can be accepted on the blue State Health Assessment Record form.

Students entering from outside of the U.S. are required to have a physical exam by a provider licensed to practice in the United States. Including TB testing as part of this exam.

Sports physical examinations are required yearly for all students in accordance with Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference recommendation, and school policy. The completed forms must be on file in the School Health Office before any student will be allowed to try out, practice or compete in any sport or cheerleading. Student athletes in grades 6 and 10 must have the blue State Health Assessment Record form completed in addition to the sports physical examination form.

Immunizations required for school entrance must be reviewed by the school nurse before a student can be cleared for entry.

If it is necessary for your child to take medication during school hours, an authorization form can be obtained from the School Health Office.

Please inform the nurse of food allergies, diabetes, asthma or any health concern that may impact on your child’s safety. Appropriate personnel and transportation services will be informed of serious health conditions.

School Appointments

When residency has been established and the student enrollment forms have been completed, it may be necessary to schedule an appointment at your child's new school:

Preschool students are required to participate in the preschool screening. Please schedule an appointment with the Town Campus Learning Center.

Kindergarten through sixth grade may wish to schedule an appointment for a simple visitation.

Grades seven through twelve are required to schedule an appointment with the guidance office at the applicable school. The appointment is to schedule appropriate classes for the upcoming school year. Please bring student’s last report card received from previous school or a copy of the student’s complete academic file. Both student and parent / guardian are required to attend.

It is the responsibility of the parent / guardian to call the school and initiate these appointments.


Grade School Telephone#
Preschool Town Campus Learning Center 203-245-1078
K - 3 Jeffrey Elementary School 203-245-6460
K- 3 Ryerson Elementary School 203-245-6440
4-5 Brown Intermediate School 203-245-6400
6-8 Polson Middle School 203-245-6480
9-12 Daniel Hand High School 203-245-6350