Island Avenue District

This list is provided as a general guide. Students who live on the streets listed below live in the Island Avenue school district. Madison Public Schools reserves the right to adjust district borders as necessary to accommodate enrollment fluctuations and manage class sizes.

Students who live on streets listed below that cross attendance district lines will need to refer to the street address range to determine their attendance district. If the student's address is not included below, then parents should refer to the street listings of the other attendance districts.

# 1st Ave
1st St
2nd Ave
2nd St
3rd Ave
3rd St
4th Ave
4th St
5th Ave
5th St
6th Ave
A Academy St
Acorn Rd
Advent Hill Rd
Apple Way
Arbor Ln
Arrowhead Rd
Austin Pl
Aylesbury Cir
N Nathans Ln
Neck Rd
Neptune Ave
New Rd
Nod Rd
North Ave
North St
B Barberry Ln
Bassett Ln
Bayview Pl
Bayview Ter
Beach Ave
Birch Ln
Bishop Ln
Blakeman Rd
Boston Post Rd
Boulder Ln
Bower Rd
Bradley Rd
Brantwood Dr
Britton Ln
Brookside Ave
Brookside Rd
Buffalo Bay Rd
Burcam Dr
Bushnell Ln
Buttonball Ln
O Oak Ave
Old 79
Old Duck Hole Rd
Old Farm Rd
Old Post Rd
Orchard Park Rd
Overlook Dr
Ox Pasture Rd
C Cambridge Dr
Canady Ln
Canborne Way
Canoe Rd
Cedar Ln
Centre Village Dr
Chapman Ave
Cherry Ln
Chittenden Field Ln
Christopher Ln
Church Ln
6 - 105 Circle Beach Rd
Clover Ln
Cohasset Ln
Conestoga Dr
Copse Rd, #000 - #180 (odd & even)
Cottage Rd
Currycross Rd
P Pardee Pl
Park Ave
Park Ln
Parker Ave
Parker Ln
Pent Rd
Pepperridge Ln
Pheasant Dr
Pleasant View Ave
Prospect St
Puritan Ln
D Deer Run Rd
Deveron Dr
Downing Way
Duck Hole Rd -
#000 - #197 (odd & even), #199 - #399 Odd only

Dudley Ln
Durham Road - #000 - #360 Even only
Q Quarry Ledge
E E Overshore Dr
E Wharf Rd
East St
Edinburgh Ln
Essex Ln
Esterly Farms Rd
R Railroad Ave
Randi Dr
Ridgewood Ave
Riggio Pl
River Edge Farms Rd
River Rd
Riverside Ln
Rockledge Dr
Runnymede Ln
F Fairfield Pl
Fairfield Rd
Fairview Ave
Fence Creek Dr
Flintlock Rd
Flower Ave
Forest Hills Dr
Fort Path Rd
Fox Chase Ln
S Salem Rd
Salt Meadow Ln
Samson Rock Rd
Sandgate Cir
Sandlewood Dr
Saxon Rd
School St
Scotland Ave
Scotland Rd
Seafields Ln
Seaview Ave
Shorelands Dr
Signal Hill Rd
Skytop Dr
Soundview Ave
South St
Sportsman Hill Rd
Spring Rd
Stacey Ln
Stanton Ct
Sterling Park Dr
Stone Rd
Stonewall Ln
Stony Ln
Strathmore Ln
Sunny Hill Dr
Sunset Rd
Surf Club Rd
Sylvan Rd
G Garnet Park Rd
Glenn Rd
Green Acres Dr
Green Hill Pl
Green Hill Rd -
#500 - #658 Even only

Governors Way
Grove Ave
Gull Rock Rd
T Taylor Ave
Thelbridge St
Todds Mill Cir
Toffee Ln
Town Crier Ln
Tuxis Rd
Twin Coves Rd
H Hamilton Dr
Hammonasset Connector
Hampshire Rd
Harbor Ave
Hartford Ave
Highland Ter
Hillside Pl
Hilltop Dr
Holly Park Rd
Horsepond Rd - #000 - #249 (odd & even), #251 - #439 Odd only
Horseshoe Ln
Hotchkiss Ln
Hull Rd
Hunters Trl #101 - #150 (odd & even)
I Island Ave V
J Jannas Ln
Johnson Ln
Jonathan's Lndg
Juniper Ln

W Main St
W Overshore Dr
W Shore Dr
W Wharf Rd
Wall St
Waterbury Ave
Webster Pt Rd
Whedon Ln
Wildcat Rd
Wildcat Springs Dr
Wildwood Ave - #00 - #54 (odd & even)
Willard Ave
Wilshire Rd
Windward Ln
Woodland Rd
Woodlawn Ave
Wyndy Brook Ln>

K Kelsey Pl
Kelsey Springs Dr
Kingsbridge Way
Knob Hill Rd
L Ladshaw Dr
Lantern Hill
Laurel Crest Rd
Lawson Dr
Leathermans Hill
Lee Way
Liberty St
Linden Ln
Little Colony Rd
Longshore Ln
Longview Ter
Lovers Ln
Y Yankee Glen Rd
Yankee Peddler Path
M Madison Ave
Madison House Drive
Madison Springs Dr
Madrina Ln
Maple Ave
Maplewood Ln
Maybury Pl
Meadow Ln
Meeting House Ln
Meigs Ave
Middle Beach Rd
Middle Beach Rd W
Mill Rd
Mungertown Rd #000 - #127 (odd & even)