Jeffrey District

This list is provided as a general guide. Students who live on the streets listed below live in the J.M. Jeffrey school district. Madison Public Schools reserves the right to adjust district borders as necessary to accommodate enrollment fluctuations and manage class sizes.

Students who live on streets listed below that cross attendance district lines will need to refer to the street address range to determine their attendance district. If the student's address is not included below, then parents should refer to the street listings of the other attendance districts.

AAileen Dr
Allison Dr
Amber Trl

Paper Mill Dr
Partridge Ln
Pepperwood Ct
Pheasant Ln
Pierce Ln
Pine Dr
Pine Ridge Dr
Podunk Rd

BBartlett Dr
Beaver Pond Rd
Beekman Pl
Blinnshed Rd
Bradley Corners Rd
Brookview Ter
Bushnell Ln
QQuail Run
CCandlewood Ln
Carmel Ct
Chestnut Hill Rd
Colonial Rd
Columbia Rd
Copperstone Ln
Copse Hill Trl
Copse Rd #198 + (odd & even)
Corinth Dr
Cornish Woods Rd
Country Way
Creamery Ln
RRace Hill Rd from RT. 80 South
Richborough Rd
Ridge Rd
Ridge Rd Ext
River Rd
Riverside Ter
Robin Ridge Dr
Rolling Meadow Rd
Rustic Lane
DDaffodil Hill Rd
Dairy Hill Rd
Deepwood Dr
Deer Creek Dr
Deerfield Ln
Derenthal Dr
Dogwood Ln
Dover Ln
Duck Hole Rd - #198 - #398 Even
Durham Road - #141-359 Odd, #361-823 (odd & even)
SSachem Common
Scenic Rd
Sheep Pasture Rd
Sheffield Ln
Silo Hill Rd
Squires Glen Rd
St Francis Woods Rd
St James Ct
Stepping Stone Ln
Strawberry Hill Rd
Summer Hill Rd - #00-#97 Odd, #00-#96 Even
Sycamore Ln
EEastwood RdTTamarac Dr
Thames Way
Timber Ridge Rd
Twin Bridge Rd
FFairview Dr
Fawn Brook Cir
Field Brook Rd
Five Fields Rd
Forest Edge
Forest Rd
Fox Run Rd
Franks Way
GGodman Rd
Granby Dr
Green Hill Rd - #000-#499 (odd & even), #501-#659 Odd only, #660 +, (odd & even)
Green Springs Dr
Grouse Ln
HHammonasset Meadows Rd
Harkness Dr
Hickory Lane
High Field Ln
Highview Rd
Horsebarn Ln
Horsepond Rd - #250 - 438 Even, #440 + (odd & even)
Hunters Trl #000 - #100 (odd & even)
WWalnut Hill Rd
Warpas Rd
Wellsweep Dr
Wheatstone Rd
White Birch Rd
Wickford Pl
Wildwood Ave - #55 + (odd & even)
Winding Rd
Windsor Ct
Winterhill Rd
Woodsvale Rd
IIndian Trl
Indigo Trl
Inwood Rd
Ivy Island Dr
JJefferson Park Rd
Jenda Way
Johns Path
KKachina Way
Kimberly Ln
LLangshire Dr
Little Hollow Rd
MMagnolia Dr
Manzoni Farm Rd
Matthew Ct
Meadowbrook Rd
Milano Pond Dr
Milestone Ln
Milo Dr
Monroe Ln
Mungertown Rd #128 - #400 (odd & even)
NN Madison Rd
Nichols Hill Dr
Nortontown Rd
Nutmeg Ln
OOld School House Rd
Old Toll Road - South Side
Opening Hill Rd
Overbrook Rd