Ryerson District

This list is provided as a general guide. Students who live on the streets listed below live in the Ryerson school district. Madison Public Schools reserves the right to adjust district borders as necessary to accommodate enrollment fluctuations and manage class sizes.

Students who live on streets listed below that cross attendance district lines will need to refer to the street address range to determine their attendance district. If the student's address is not included below, then parents should refer to the street listings of the other attendance districts.

AAspen DrNNorthwood Rd
Nursery Lane
BBeechwood Dr
Bentwater Ln
Blanch Dr
Blueberry Hill Dr
Bridle Path Ln
Buck Hill Rd
Bunnell Bridge Rd
OOakwood Dr
Old Toll Rd - North Side
CCedarcroft Dr
Cindy Ln
Concord Dr
Copperfield Dr
Cornfield Ln
County Rd
Crestview Dr
Crooked Hill Rd
Cross Rd
PPond View Ln
Princess Dr
DDevonshire Ln
Doe Ln
Dorset Ln
Dream Lake Dr
Durham Road - #824 +, (odd & even)
EEagle Meadow RdRRace Hill Rd - from RT. 80 North
Renees Way
FFarm View Dr
Fern Lane
SSamantha Ln
Shepherds Trl
Sperry Rd
Stephanie Ct
Suffolk Dr
Summer Hill Rd -
Odd #89+, Even #98+

Summit Ln
Sunrise Ln
Surrey Dr
GGenesee Ln
Georgetown Cir
Great Meadow Rd
TTibbals Bridge Rd
Twilight Dr
HHathaway Ln
Heatherwood Dr
Hidden Springs Rd
High Hill Cir
IIron Stream Rd
Isabell Dr
JJasper Ln
Jay Dowd Rd
Joshua Trl
WWhite Cedar Dr
White Oaks Ln
Whitman Rd
Williamsburg Cir
Willow Ln
LLake Dr
Lakewood Dr
Legend Hill Rd
Lenore Dr
Lyle Dr
MMartleshamheath Ln
Mendingwall Cir
Michele Ln