Parent Welcome

Spring 2019

Dear Parents,

Welcome to your child’s first year in Madison Public Schools.

Your child’s start in school is important to us. As a parent, you might find information about readiness on the State of Connecticut website helpful, but please use sites for informational purposes only.

All children who are age eligible are welcome in our schools!

We prepare for your child’s entrance into their school by creating balanced classes that meet the needs of all students. In our effort to do so, we have created the opportunity for parents to contact their preschools to complete the attached survey. Preschool teachers have great insight in the development of young children and their information would be valuable. The survey is based on National Association for the Education of Young children (NEAYC) and will be used to place children in a classroom environment that will meet their needs. The survey is also based on the frameworks for early childhood education.

If you choose to provide this survey to your preschool, upon completion they can mail it directly to your child’s school. Please note that the survey is not used to determine readiness for entrance to Kindergarten.

Should you have additional questions or information that would be helpful in the placement process, please contact the building principal.

Thank you in advance for providing us with this helpful information.


Gail Dahling-Hench
Assistant Superintendent of Schools


Optional Survey for Preschool Teacher