Student Services

Madison Public Schools Belief Statement

The Madison Public Schools support the Connecticut Position Statement on Educating Students with Disabilities and the belief that all students are unique because they are influenced by cultural, linguistic, intellectual, psychological, social and economic factors in their lives. We believe that it is the responsibility and obligation of educators to design and provide teaching strategies, methods and materials that are suitable for each individual learner and only after exhausting a continuum of these strategies should a child be referred to special education for further evaluation. Madison Public Schools believes that providing opportunities for all students to achieve the statewide student goals (motivation to learn, mastery of the basic skills, acquisition of knowledge, competence in life skills, and understanding society is our responsibility. We also believe that these goals are best achieved in the child’s local school and through continuous monitoring of student growth and achievement.

We recognize that parents are the first and most important teachers of our students; therefore, we encourage their involvement in the educational process to maximize their children’s learning.

We understand that parents and teachers must work together to monitor the academic performance of students, particularly those students with special needs.