Island Avenue Elementary School    March 2019

March Science Madness
Sponsored by Island Avenue PTO


The Island Ave PTO in collaboration with our district science curriculum leader, Sarah Sandora, is proud to bring students Cool-ology. Each classroom will have about an hour of Science Lab instruction during the month of March. The grade specific lab has been created by Claudia Esposito to enhance current standards in the class.


Come Fly Away

Children explore the world of air pressure, gravity and flight. We investigate the
principles of gravity and flight that Newton made famous. Learning takes off as we engineer flying
inventions of our own!


What's The Matter

Student’s explore the
chemical and physical
changes of matter.
Through fast paced, fun,
hands-on activities, we
discover how molecules
behave in different states
of matter, and how the
speed and density of
these particles determine
the differences between
solids, liquids and gases!


Magical Magnetism and Electricity

Students investigate
magnetism, static and
current electricity
utilizing a variety of safe
and innovative activities
that will get them really
charged up!

Magic of Science

Presented by Mobile Ed Productions

Magic of Science presented by Mobile Ed productions inc

In ancient times magicians wielded tremendous power in society. Of course today we realize that the mysterious world of magic is truly the fascinating world of science. All magic is comprised of illusions and the majority of illusions are based on scientific principles. Come with us on a journey of exploration into the science behind the magic!


WeatherWonders- K Students investigate clouds, rain,  vortices and more! In this mini weather lab, students will learn all about  the wonders of weather here on Earth!


March Madness STEM-Grade 4

Students learn all about energy, forces and motion through hands-on activities and physics games!

Children engineer basketball hoops and mini slingshots. The concepts of gravity , potential and kinetic energy, Newtown's laws of motion are all investigated in this March Madness STEM lab!

3rd Annual Science Fair!

Save the date!

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

6:30 - 7:30 PM

Forces and Motion

Two demonstrations on inertia including the classic tablecloth pull get children of any age excited and curious about natural examples of physics. The second law of motion steals the show as it is explained using a real-life version of everybody's favorite video game involving slingshots and irritated birds. Then, the law of action and equal and opposite reactions is showcased using numerous examples including a rocket launch! 

But we've only scratched the surface of the curriculum-enhancing value of Forces and Motion. Not only do we discuss linear motion, but we even get into rotational forces such as centripetal force and gyroscopic stability by spinning bicycle wheels like tops and spinning plates on sticks, both involving lots of audience participation.


Mad-Science Presents: Fire and Ice

Children will be captivated by this spectacular science show! 

Volunteers will help discover how hot and cool science can really be! Can paper catch on fire if it’s wet? Be amazed when our “special paper” disappears in a flash! Figure out how heat helps our Mad Science friend “Eggbert” home. After children learn about the properties of fire, the temperature will drop when we explore the science of dry ice. See how at -109 degrees below zero, dry ice can make metal scream. The kids will help demonstrate what happens when there is too much carbon dioxide trapped inside our bodies! We will clean up our act when a few volunteers are called up to take a dry ice shower… complete with soap and bubbles! In our last cool experiment, the fog rolls in like a spooky movie scene.