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Jeffrey One School, One Read
Rebecca Frost

Dear Jeffrey Families,

I am writing today to tell you all about our “One School, One Read” campaign!

This morning, your child came to a school wide assembly to kick off this wonderful, community building opportunity. During the assembly, I read Chapter 1 of the book “The World According to Humphrey.” As we read, I was able to introduce students to Humphrey the hamster, a curious little critter that is always on adventures in the classroom and each weekend he gets to sleep over with different students. Your child left the assembly with their very own, personal copy of the book!

The One School, One Read is a movement designed to get an entire school community - including parents - involved in the joy of reading. Following the schedule below, we are asking children and families to read at home together. Some chapters you can read to your child, while others you can follow along as a beloved Jeffrey staff member reads aloud via a clip on our You Tube Channel! CLICK HERE to get to all the videos.


Throughout the reading weeks, your child will also participate in fun activities here at school including interactive bulletin boards, Morning Meeting conversations, and casting a vote for our *NEW* Jeffrey mascot…a real, live hamster!


· 9/19  Chapter 1:  Mrs. Frost starts us off by reading to everyone!

· 9/19  Chapter 2:  Family read or watch Ms. Bonfiglio & Mr. Rudy read on YouTube.

· 9/20  Chapter 3:  Family Read.

· 9/21  Chapter 4:  Family read or watch  Mrs. Shirley read on YouTube.

· 9/22  Chapter 5:  Family read or watch Mrs. Lynch read on YouTube.

· 9/23  Chapter 6:  Family read.

· 9/24  Chapter 7:  Family read or watch  Senora Lopez read on YouTube.

· 9/25  Chapter 8:  Family read or watch Mrs. Fayan read on YouTube.

· 9/26   Chapter 9:  Family read or watch  Ms. Bond and Ms. Dripchak read on YouTube.

· 9/27  Chapter 10:  Family read or watch Mrs. Cutler read on YouTube.

· 9/28  Chapter 11:  Family read.

· 9/29  Chapter 12:  Family read or watch Ms. Soderberg read on YouTube.

· 9/30  Chapter 13:  Family read.

· 10/1  Chapter 14:  Family read or watch Mrs. Woods read on YouTube.

· 10/2  Chapter 15:  Family reads last chapter of the book.

· 10/3    Real Jeffrey pet hamster  revealed,  including name voted on by students!


Thank you, in advance, for your support with this project at home. So, find a blanket, grab your copy of the book, and we wish you happy reading!


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