Our Mission:

As an outstanding educational community, the mission of Island Avenue School is to foster the development of responsible citizens, who are knowledgeable, creative, critical thinkers, and effective communicators in a global, ever-changing world. We accomplish this through a safe and challenging learning environment, in partnership with families and the community. We celebrate the pursuit of life-long learning and are committed to each student achieving his or her personal best.
  • All students appreciate that learning is a life long process.
  • All children acquire and master a basic core of knowledge and to develop creative and critical thinking skills.
  • We value each student as an individual with unique needs and strengths. Students exhibit virtues and values that can be demonstrated through social responsibility in all aspects of daily life.
  • Teachers, staff, administrators, parents and students work collaboratively in the decision making process and identify ways to support each child’s learning needs.
  • The school community values social responsibility and respect for diversity and multiculturalism.
  • Students become responsible decision makers.
  • Teachers seek interdisciplinary approaches.
  • The school community regularly communicates with parents about their children.