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Sandra Bizier

Brown Intermediate School
Library/Media Center


If you teach a child to read, you have done your job.  If you teach a child to love to read, you have changed their life forever.

Welcome to Island Avenue Library Media Center! We have over 15,000 books, a large selection of magazines, music CDs, audio books and eBooks!

To facilitate students in finding the right books, lessons are provided throughout the year. All students are given a tour and map of the library to understand the organization of resources. Lessons on how to find fiction and nonfiction books occur all year long. For example, students in all grades learn about the Dewey Decimal System for nonfiction and participate in author scavenger hunts for fiction. Lessons begin as whole group and sometimes continue in pairs or small groups. In addition, lessons on our on-line catalog are provided. Finally, read alouds and book talks occur throughout the year.

Happy Reading,
Mrs. Bizier


The library program encourages students to become effective users of ideas and information, independent critical thinkers, and passionate about reading. Lessons are developed in conjunction with the school’s curriculum to create an integrated learning experience. All students in grades 1-4 visit the library a minimum of once a week to borrow books. Individual students may visit the library any day with teacher permission. Additional time is scheduled to assist classroom activities on a flexible basis.

Checkout Policy

Students in grades K-4 may checkout as many items (combination of book/CD/Magazine) as needed. Typically, we recommend three books at a time. Items are not date stamped, but students should return items within a reasonable time (1-2 weeks). Items may be renewed if needed.

Card Catalog

Students may shop for books from home by using our online catalog Destiny


Thank you to all the volunteers that help keep our library running smoothly. There is always a need for more volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact me in person, by email or our parent library volunteer coordinator (see school directory). Activities can be as follows: shelving, organizing shelves, pulling books for projects, repairing books, updating the bulletin board, etc. No experience necessary, flexible hours and quick training is available.

Caldecott Award

How to look at picture books:

Look and look again and again.
1st. “read” the pictures only, not the text. Do not study the images in detail.

Gain an impression of the visual story while flipping slowly through the book from cover to cover - forwards and then backwards.

2nd Read the text and look at the illustrations.

Do the illustrations enhance the story; add a new dimension to the text? Are the illustrations an integral part of the story, enhancing and enriching the experience by establishing setting, evoking mood, offering nuances to character, leading the eye from page to page, and providing foreshadowing or visual clues to plot development.

Elements of Art (to look at): Shape, Line, Color, Light and Dark, Perspective, Collective Unity - text and illustrations (How well they go together)

Nutmeg Award

The Nutmeg Children's Book Award encourages children in grades 2-12 to read quality literature and to choose their favorite from a list of ten nominated titles. Jointly sponsored by the Connecticut Library Association (CLA) and the Connecticut Association of School Librarians (CASL), the Nutmeg Committee is comprised of children's librarians, school library media specialists and teachers.

All books nominated for the award must be:

  • A work of fiction, with appeal for readers in grades 4-6;
  • Written by an author who currently resides in the United States;
  • Copyrighted in the United States, and first published no more than five years from date of selection;
  • Currently in print, and available in paper back as well as hard cover;
  • Well-written, with strong characterization, a vivid setting, striking language, a well-constructed plot, and a plausible conclusion.
  • Students in grades 4, 5 and 6th grade vote by official NCBA ballot in January for their favorite title at school.
  • Each student may vote only once.

Click on the link for the latest Nutmeg Nominees

Useful Links

Scranton Library - Can't find a book @ IAS or @ Scranton Library? will search all Connecticut libraries for you.

Kidsreads - Great site for book suggestions. I also use it to figure out the order in a series.

ask kids - Great safe site for student research

Website Evaluation Guide - Helps you decide if a website is credible. When is it ok to use Wikipedia?