Classroom Updates

Lisa Seales

So there's a little secret that I only tell to my school friends... School is one of my favorite places.  There is something inspiring about new learning, sharing ideas with others and impacting the future.  Since 2004, I've taught grades K-3 focusing not only on the teaching and learning of elementary children but also their development as individuals.

I live in Durham, just one town over, with my husband and two children, Bradley (7) and Isla (5).  We are about a half mile from a dairy farm that sells fresh milk, eggs, hand crafted soaps and the sort.  You may have visited the Durham Fair, the largest agricultural fair in the state.  We go every year, so I hope to see you there this year.  Or maybe you’ve been to Dairy Serve, a little ice cream stand in the center of town.  We go there more often than I’d like to admit!

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