Volunteer for Jeffrey School PTO!

The Jeffrey School PTO welcomes your involvement in our many activities and events. Volunteering is a wonderful way for you to participate and it enhances the experiences of the students. Your commitment will enrich the Jeffrey community and allow for additional programs for our students.

There are many opportunities to volunteer both in school and outside of school during the days, evenings and weekends. We value every moment that you volunteer to enrich the lives of our children.

Our first and primary school fundraiser of the school year will begin this fall and will feature Lyman Orchard's Pies and a Parent's Night event at the Surf Club. The success of this fundraiser facilitates our ability to sponsor events throughout the year such as; the Back to School Family Picnic, Cultural Arts Programs, Winter Workshops, Family Nights, Field Days and Field Trips.

The Jeffrey PTO Events Calendar is updated throughout the school year to reflect the many programs and activities of the PTO and student body. Please browse the website to see if there is an event you might be interested in joining.

We are also looking for numerous committee members and chairpersons. As a volunteer you will always be given detail, direction and support from our organization. If you would like to make a difference and help cultivate a community of character, respect and solidarity which makes Jeffrey the “Place to Be”, then please complete one of the Volunteer Forms or contact one of the PTO Executive Board Members or your Room Coordinator.