Jeffrey Grade 3 Students Study Electromagnetism

As part of their Electromagnetism unit, Grade 3 students in were challenged to make simple circuits, and then add a switch, as well as parallel circuits and then add a switch again. Students worked together and drew models of their circuits. When the challenge was completed, students had the opportunity to apply their new learning using snap circuits and smart circuit kits!

Students will revisit their initial models and thinking of electromagnets and apply their new learning to the phenomenon this week.  Many of them were originally stumped on how an electromagnet worked and was able to pick up and drop off materials.  Students will now have a new piece to the puzzle and may be able to figure it out soon based on their circuit experience and be able to apply this to make their own electromagnet. 

For more information on the Grade 3 Science curriculum, please visit the curriculum link on the Madison Public Schools Website.

Jeffrey Grade 3 Students Study Electromagnetism
Jeffrey students making circuits
Jeffrey student drawing a circuit