Mindfulness Lessons Taught at Jeffrey Elementary

January 8, 2020 - In addition to all of their core subjects, students at Jeffrey Elementary are also learning about mindfulness this year. Over the course of six weeks with one 25 minute lesson per week, every student is receiving Mindfulness lessons from Mrs. Amy DeLucia-Ferri.

Mrs. DeLucia-Ferri taught Mindfulness lessons at the former Island Avenue elementary school the past two years and current Jeffrey Principal Becky Frost asked her to continue those lessons here at Jeffrey.  

“Teachers at Island always expressed how beneficial these sessions were for students (and for teachers!),” Mrs. Frost said.

In this six-week block, Mrs. DeLucia-Ferri has just begun her Mindfulness lessons with second grade students. When starting the lessons with students, she told them how focusing on being present and practicing mindfulness can benefit all areas of your life.  

“Sometimes we get really involved with our feelings and when we start to practice mindfulness, those big feelings can start to feel a little bit smaller and not feel like they takeover our whole day,” she said. “That is one amazing thing about mindfulness. Another amazing thing that happens and it’s kind of like a secret superpower is that mindfulness can help you be better at anything you love to do.”

In the first lesson, students learned about their mindful body and mindful listening. Watch the video to see a clip of Mrs. DeLucia-Ferri using a singing bowl to teach mindful listening.  

To learn more about the district’s commitment to educate the whole child, visit the district website and learn more about our Whole Child Wellness Team.

Mrs DeLucia-Ferri teaches Mindfulness to Jeffrey Elementary Students



Watch the video to see a clip of Mrs. DeLucia-Ferri using a singing bowl to teach mindful listening