Classroom Updates

Christa Laragy

I have been a teacher for 26 years, having taught 2nd-6th grades during that time.  It has been my good fortune to teach in Madison for the past 18 years, having taught at Ryerson, Academy and Jeffrey (for the past 12 years).  I grew up in Madison, attending the public schools, and my family currently resides in town too.  My own children have had the benefit of attending the Madison Public Schools, starting their school career at Jeffrey and now attending DHHS.  I am passionate about teaching and believe in the excellence of MPS!  Thank you for the pleasure of teaching your children.  I am a firm proponent of the fact that social-emotional learning is just as important as academic learning, and I work each and every day to create a warm, safe classroom environment; so that my students feel welcome and comfortable to participate in the learning process everyday!

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