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Connecticut State Department of Education



Activate your boy’s rest and relax response by filling your lungs with oxygen.

3 min. mindful breathing exercise

Move Your Body

Go for a brisk walk, stretch or do yoga.  Spend some time outside to get fresh air at a safe distance from others and look for ways to exercise at home.

• 30 min. at-home workout for all levels

Take care of yourself.

You can boost your immunity with healthy food, vitamins, a good night sleep and by managing your stress.  What nourishes you? A hike, a good book, music?  Do all of those things!


Turn off the TV, get off the internet.  Give your mind and senses a break and model for your kids.  Perform acts of kindness from home to increase endorphins and get creative about how to spend time together.


Establish a routine.

Kids feel safe and secure when there is a dependable schedule and routine to their days.  Take some time this weekend to plan for next week: mealtimes, simple chores, time for studying or reading, a fun activity.  Set a time for electronics.  Plan together and get your child’s input.


Talk to your kids and give them time to ask questions about what’s going on.  If you’re working be sure they know the schedule (who will be taking care of them, what time will you be home, etc.)  And if you’re feeling overwhelmed, talk to someone.  Phone a friend to problem solve, reach out to others if you need help.  It’s recommended to isolate, but we are not actually isolated.