Infinite Campus Update

October 2019

The Infinite Campus portal will be updated in mid-October.  The webpages will have a more modern look but will function the same.  Your login information will not change due to this update.


Message Center

Old View

An example of the old style of the Infinite Campus portal

Upon login you will notice a different style for the message center.  

updated view upon login - messages tab


Today Tab

The Today tab will display the student's schedule along with assignments due today and those due tomorrow.

View when clicked on the Today tab


Grade Book Updates

Click the Grade Book Updates tab to see the most recent grades for the student.

gradebook updates



This is a view of the Grades tab.  Everything is labeled.

The current view is for the dates ranges shown.  Navigate to another marking period using the navigation arrows on the right.

Note: We operate on a trimester system.  The trimesters are divided in half because some courses at the high school are half-trimester courses.  You will see M1 - M6.  Each "M" represents a half-trimester.  Each "M" is labeled with a date range.

Grades View - change marking periods with the navigation on the page