Mrs. Martha Curran Named new Polson Middle School Assistant Principal

Following a formal vote by the Board of Education on Dec. 17, Mrs. Martha Curran has been named the new Assistant Principal of Polson Middle School, filling the role vacated by former assistant principal Rebecca Coiteux shortly before Thanksgiving.

A current Polson teacher and the K-8 Language Arts Coordinator, Mrs. Curran has taught at Madison Public Schools for the last 21 years. She started at Brown when it was a 6-8 school and then moved to Polson when it first opened 16 years ago. Last year she served at the interim assistant principal at Polson and Superintendent of Schools Thomas Scarice said he is excited to see her return to that role.

“I have had the opportunity to work with Martha for close to eight years and I couldn’t be more excited about her joining the administrative team,” he said. “I think she is going to be an outstanding permanent addition and I say that because she served the role last year as an interim and was spectacular.” 

Mrs. Curran was selected out of 114 applicants for the job. Former Polson principal Frank Henderson said the Polson community is very fortunate to have her in this role and current Polson Principal Kathryn Hart said she is looking forward to having Mrs. Curran on her leadership team.

Mrs. Curran said she is looking forward to continuing to support students and staff in this new position.

“I loved last year working with teachers and students,” she said. “I love teaching and thought I will miss it and I did miss the instruction but I was able to see the kids from a whole new level. I had always thought well I have a classroom and the 40 kids that I teach and last year I realized well now my classroom is a building and there are hundreds of students that I get to work with and teachers as well.”

Her first day as assistant principal will be January 13, 2020.

“I am also looking forward to what is new and Polson is new,” she said. “Polson is a new world as a 6-8 school with new teachers and students and a new dynamic so I look forward to getting to help create the culture of a new Polson.” 

Mrs. Curran