Polson Middle School Welcomes Holocaust Survivor Judith Altmann

For the past twelve years Polson Middle School has had the honor of welcoming Holocaust survivor Judith Altmann. Students engaged in a school-wide virtual assembly with 97-year old Judith on May 27 as she shared her life story. Judith was 14 years old when Germany invaded her hometown in Czechoslovakia.  She was forced into a ghetto and later taken to several concentration camps, including Auschwitz, after which she survived the death march to Bergen Belsen before the camp was liberated by British soldiers in 1945. After the war, she was given the opportunity to go to Sweden where she lived until 1948, at which time she immigrated to the United States.

Ms. Altmann has extensive experience speaking in schools, is a member of the Holocaust & Human Rights Education Speakers Bureau, and is Vice President of the Holocaust Child Survivors of Connecticut.