Polson Robotics Wins Another Judges Award

The robotics team 1695D, also known as the “The Chargers” from Polson Middle School recently won the Judges award at the CTEEA Manchester VEX IQ Robotics Competition held at Manchester High School on February 29, 2020.  The Judges award is an award that does not qualify a team for the state tournament however it rewards a team for something positive they have done during the competition.  Sometimes the award is given to a team that displays great sportsmanship, or to a team that has struggled and persevered throughout the competition or to a team that shows an act of kindness towards others. 

 The judges unanimously agreed that our team 1695D made up of Emma Mannix, Will Rode and Chris Glaser was deserving of this award for their act of kindness during the competition.  Members of the team quickly went to help another team from a different school when they were upset that their robot suddenly was not working and they had a match in a few minutes.  As one can imagine, this team was frantic and in a major panic.  Our team 1695 quickly went over, settled the members of the team by helping them update the firmware on their robot, adjust some settings and power up the robot correctly so they were ready for their match.  Emma also let the team borrow their robot controller so they can compete in their match. 

We are proud of our team for doing the right thing.  The actions of Team 1695D is what we have promoted in the robotics club since day 1.  They should be proud of how they have represented their school, their family and themselves.

Written by Polson Middle School Robotics Advisor Dan Grenier  

All five Polson Robotics teams will compete at the State competition on March 7.

Polson Robotics Team won the Judges Award at CTEEA Manchester VEX IQ Robotics Competiton